Hazel Barnes Prize winner

Since 1992, the Hazel Barnes Prize has been awarded each year to a CU Boulder faculty member who exemplifies the enriching interrelationship between teaching and research, and whose work has had a significant impact on students, faculty, colleagues and the university. Noted in the nomination materials as an advocate for student learning and an innovative researcher and science communicator, to the benefit of public knowledge. Pieter's approach is to emphasizes the importance of working with students as an advocate for their involvement and scientific contributions. Pieter has taught 7,803 undergraduate students and nearly all of published papers are in collaboration with undergraduate or graduate students. Finally, Pieter has also been previously awarded many awards and fellowships through the years, he received a CAREER Award beginning in 2012 from the National Science Foundation. In 2013 through 2017, he was named an Early Career Fellow by the Ecological Society of America. In 2015, Johnson received the provost’s Faculty Achievement Award. Congrats Dr. Johnson! A very well deserved honor.